calScreener™ – label free cell analysis

calScreener™ is the first multi-channel calorimetric system specifically developed for cell based assays. Measurement of heat flow in living cells is a well established and proven technology to monitor changes in metabolic processes. calScreener™ provides the researcher with a label-free detection tool with maximal versatility in assay type for interpretation of cellular mechanisms and responses to treatment.  calScreener™ is further suitable for toxicology tests, process development and environmental monitoring.


  • The first multi-channel calorimeter designed for cell-biological work.
  • Measures direct heat flow from cell metabolism
  • Label-free assay – no radioactivity, antibodies, fluorescence
  • Minimal assay development needed
  • Minimize time and consumables for experiments
  • Real-time continuous kinetic data
  • Adaptable for a large number of different Cell Biology Applications
  • Single Use Sterile Growth Inserts for Cell Biology
  • Independent of cell morphology
  • True PHENOTYPE response measured
  • Prior knowledge of pathways and specific target function not needed
  • Multiple compounds can be tested simultaneously for synergetic effects without knowledge of pathway interactions

Versatility and speed

The versatility and speed makes calScreener™ suitable for a wide range of metabolic assay applications. calScreener™ detects changes in metabolic rate induced by addition of chemical- or biological compounds and provides a direct measurement of the resulting cellular processes. There is no need to have prior knowledge of metabolic pathways or mechanism of action to screen the effects of substances.

Easy to use

The new calScreener™ enables all scientist access to advanced calorimetric monitoring with ease of use. The instrument is designed to use the calPlate™ microtiter plate system for cell growth and assays.


  • 48 well standard plate size adapted format
  • Cell type & cell morphology independent
  • Target independent
  • Medium throughput format
  • Label free, real-time detection
  • 32 simultaneous cell samples
  • Detection limit better than 50 nW; well within the limits since a typical thermal output from a culture of cells this size is in the range of 1 – 10µW.

calPlate™ system

calPlate™ system is a tailor-made series of consumables for calScreener™ to ensure correct performance of the system. The design of the calPlate™ conforms to the standard micro titer plate format as sample containers. The advanced modular design of the system is developed to suit both the needs of cell growth as well as the requirements of calorimetric measurement. The calPlate™ system is both easy to use, cost effective and at the same time minimizing the environmental load. The plastic system is suitable for tests where adhesive cells, i.e. muscle, fat, kidney, ovary, liver etc, are used. The 48 well format allows the simultaneous measurement of 32 cell-samples as 2 x 8 positions are used as a calorimetric reference for increased sensitivity and performance.

calView™ data collection & analysis software

An in-house developed software with a user-friendly graphical interface. It allows the user to assign real-time data for each test well and view the progress of the all test graphs simultaneously as well as close-up view of individual test graphs. The software is designed to secure data traceability.