Tropical medicine

The calScreener™ assay has successfully been tested on the inhibition of mature parasitic worms as well as on malaria infected red blood cells. Since the system is independent on sample morphology it enables drug development using mature parasites directly.

Read the paper by Flores et al where they conclude that the calScreener™ is an excellent tool to study drug effects on intestinal hookworms at the adult worm stage as it offers a lower detection limit than other devices and the possibility to monitor worm viability online.

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3D culture

There is a large need to increase the knowledge of cell-response upon treatment and to reduce the gap between synthetic assay conditions and real live whole human response.

Direct metabolic readout with the calScreener enables an unbiased assay wherein the effects of treatment are studied in a correct biological context. The gap can be bridged between screening on isolated components to 2D cell cultures and 3D tissue to the in vivo human situation – increasing the predictive power of the scientific hypothesis in drug development.

Direct continuous measurement of effects in hard or previously impossible to monitor environments such as 3D cell cultures or bacterial infections in complex matrices are example of applications.

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The return of the phenotype measurements provided by Symcel will revolutionize cell based assays.

We perform high precision measurements of the bioactivity of biological systems. The possible uses are almost endless. We have just begun and look forward to work with you on the next solution.

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