Dead or Alive

We provide solutions for rapid effect detection in drug development, exploratory research and in-vitro diagnostics. Direct metabolic monitoring of drug effects on cells and bacteria and ultimately if they live or die.

The calScreener™ allows you to monitor bacterial metabolism in real-time and is used for exploratory research and development of new antibiotics. In-vitro diagnostics focused on antimicrobial susceptibility testing aims to provide a rapid and accurate diagnosis of infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria.

Take control of your microbial culture with continuous visualization of the complete metabolic response to single or combination antibiotic treatment efficacy.

Susceptibility Testing



The calScreener™ assay is employed to directly measure stimulation or inhibition of energy expenditure and cell growth stimulation in metabolic research and drug development settings, both in 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional samples as well as in intact tissue biopsies.

Directly measure thermogenesis upon stimulation of brown tissue or energy expenditure in glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity for diabetes research as classic examples.

Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis

Drug Discovery & Development

Anti-cancer drug development and oncology research

Improved oncology-targeting monoclonal antibody and small molecule drug development. The calScreener™ assay is used to directly measure the cell-killing effects of potentially apoptotic antibodies or compounds. The potency and mechanism of action are directly monitored providing a true evaluation of cell survival and cell death kinetics.

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Additional applications

Our analytical instrument can be used for monitoring changes in biological processes caused by physical, chemical or biological stimuli in all cell types. Changes in metabolic activity will cause changes in heat dissipated from the cell, tissue or organism. Depending on the biological process involved different kinetic behaviors are anticipated.

This universal approach makes the technology extremely versatile and not limited to one specific type of assay or question. The calScreener technology has been tested in use for a broad range of applications in addition to microbiology, metabolism and oncology. Follow the link in the title above for a brief summary on some of these and please do reach out for discussions on whatever application may be on your mind.

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