About SymCel

SymCel provides a novel cellbased assay tool for real time cellular bioenergetic measurements. SymCel is a privately held biotechnology company located in Stockholm Sweden.

SymCel develops and markets analytical instrumentations that fulfill an unmet need for cell biological research and development, within R&D departments of Life Science industry, as well as academic research laboratories. Our solution is a fast label-free assay technology providing real-time continuous data monitoring of cell metabolism.

SymCel was founded by Dr Dan Hallén and Prof. Ingemar Wadsö in 2004. The founders have an extensive background in the field of calorimetry measurement and technology development. The current research team at SymCel has extensive experience from many disciplines within the biotechnology industry as well as the pharmaceutical development industry.

The ‘cal’ part of our product name is an identity label derived from calorimetry -pointing to the origin of the technology. ‘cal’ is also part of the word calor -Latin for heat. The calScreener™, calPlate™, calView™ & calResults™ are all trademarks of Symcel Sverige AB.