Real-time label free cell based assays


SymCel develops and markets analytical instrumentations that fulfill an unmet need for cell biological research and development, within R&D departments of Life Science industry, as well as academic research laboratories. Our solution is a fast label-free assay technology providing real-time continuous data monitoring of cell metabolism.


The calScreener™ label free assay directly monitors the metabolic response in biological systems using calorimetry. The power flux is a direct measurement of the stimulus or decay in metabolic activity and a true measurement of the total phenotype response of the system. The calScreener™ assay has been successfully developed and tested for a range of different applications.


Monoclonal antibody development

The calScreener™ assay is used to directly measure the cell-killing effects of potentially apoptotic antibodies. The potency and mechanism of action is directly monitored.

Metabolic research

The calScreener™ assay is employed to directly measure stimulation of energy expenditure and cell growth stimulation in metabolic research and drug development settings, both in 2-Dimensional and
3-Dimensional samples.

Antibiotics development

The calScreener™ assay is extremely well suited for testing and developing novel antibiotics. Minute changes in growth response are easily monitored and both bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects are revealed.

Three Dimensional cell cultures

The calScreener™ assay can easily be adapted to the test of both tissue samples as well as synthetic 3-Dimensional cell cultures. calScreener™ enables a seamless monitoring from 2D to 3D to tissue sample in the same assay type environment.

Tropical medicine

The calScreener™ assay has successfully been tested on the inhibition of mature parasitic worms as well as on malaria infected red blood cells. The system is independent on sample morphology enabling drug development using mature parasites directly.

Water quality testing

The calScreener™ can be used to monitor bacterioal load and TOC in fresh water production management.

CalScreener™ technology

calScreener™ is based on the measurement of thermogenic response in cultivated cells and is not dependent on any specific or cumbersome assay formulation. Since no addition of substrates or knowledge of the specific pathway or target is needed the time to results is greatly reduced as well as the cost for obtaining data.

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